Inaugural message from your President:

Dear Colleagues and Friends

It is with great pleasure and indeed an honour to be writing this message as the new President of the EAONO.

As you will all be aware, and eloquently stated by my predecessor, Per Caye-Thomasen, the fundamental ethos of EAONO is education through knowledge transfer and dissemination of the younger upcoming generation of Otologists but also the great and the good of the current generation (and perhaps even the previous generation!). The ultimate beneficiaries are of course our patients and their families. This has to be through high quality science and evidence, from discovery through to translation through to outcomes. This then is our mission statement as, after all the clue is in the word “Academy”

“ A society or institution of distinguished scholars and artists or scientists that aims to promote and maintain standards in its particular field.”

The high quality Otologist is all 3 -scholar, scientist and artist!

In order to achieve this goal, EAONO has a number of mechanisms that set it apart from other specialty societies - the inclusive and educational instructional sessions at the 2 yearly meeting, consensus and guidelines setting in key areas and the trans-European dissection course project (TEPONE) to name just a few. Much of this work has been instigated and implemented by our previous Presidents including Nuri Ozgirgin, supported by the steering group and membership – evidence of our ability to work together in a constructive, occasionally contentious but ultimately fruitful manner. Such evidence of collaboration was vital in our discussions with societies such as CEORL and I am delighted to confirm that as a consequence of our meeting with their executive in 2017, EAONO will assume it’s appropriate position at the top-table, helping to inform the depth and breadth of key decision making within the wider ORL society. In addition, once again thanks to the efforts of Nuri and colleagues the Journal of International Advanced Otology goes from strength to strength.

At this point I must congratulate Per Caye-Thomasen and his team for delivering a hugely informative and enjoyable EAONO 2018 in Copenhagen. Those of you who have organised an international conference will fully understand the time and energy and personal sacrifice that is required to do so and I am sure, now that the meeting is over, Per can actually reflect and enjoy it! Per, on behalf of EAONO may I also thank you for your stewardship as President over the last 2 years.

At the Steering group meeting at the conference we discussed a wide range of issues. In particular, no academic society should be complacent and rest on its laurels – if we don’t move with the times and resonate with the younger generation then we set ourselves up to fail. One of the key less glamourous but critical areas is a housekeeping duty relating to finance and our paying membership numbers - our Treasurer Thomas Somers and all the Regional Secretaries will be working with me to push to galvanise this – remember membership fees can be payed on-line. The second important duty is to update the list of Regional Secretaries and ensure that there is good and timely succession planning for those that have reached the end of their 4-year term. We will be drawing on the gravitas and expertise of the regional Secretaries to deliver the EAONO message and actions at a national level for the greater good of the Academy.

It also gives me great pleasure to formally announce that at the EAONO Steering Group Meeting in Copenhagen a motion was tabled that the next General Secretary should be Professor Jef Mulder from Nijmegen. This was unanimously supported and so congratulations to Jef, who assumes this role henceforth and with whom I look forward to working with closely.

Finally, one of my main tasks as your President is to convene the EAONO 2021 meeting. This will be in London – arguably one of the greatest cities in the world in September 2021. I look forward to confirming the dates and venue imminently. This task will occupy much of my time but I look forward to be amply supported by the UK EAONO membership and the wider EAONO community as a whole. The conference will certainly include all that are the strengths of our Academy and I have decided to having a conference theme of show-casing the young and rising stars of Otology across Europe and beyond – I look forward to your support in this regard.

Finally, all that we may achieve is because of what has been done by others before us – we stand on the shoulders of Otological giants and for that we are eternally grateful!

With my kindest regards

Shakeel R. Saeed

President, EAONO, July 2018





Dear Colleagues and Friends
Further to my recent message, I can now confirm that the EAONO 2021 meeting will be in London from 8-10 September 2021 - please now save the dates!